Skip Trace - Information Broker Book

I wrote a manual that covers techniques that most investors don't even think of.
With these techniques you will find the owners of  vacant propertyies and since they're vacant, they are ripe for the picking!!!

I was an Information Broker,  Background Security Check, and Skip Trace Specialist in the 1981 through 1999.
This specialty has helped me find over 600 owners, and most don't care about the house, they just left.
They are more than  willing to sign anything to get rid of the property.
It's a gold mind!!!

For this one time offer, you can have what it takes to do it to. Get ahead of all those investors that gave up, you can find them!!!
And they would love to be done with the property!!! These owners are more than motivated!!!
You can also get paid by other investors to find the owners of vacant homes also, just to make a little on the side!!!

CLICK BELOW and order now, only $39.95 for this ebook.



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